With respect to optimum utilization and recycling of your old appliances we offer a number of services which can be individually combined and matched to your needs.

  • Logistics

i4next manages the entire transportation process. We care for pickup, delivery and storage (e.g. in case of sale on commission).

  • Audit

In the course of the auditing process your old appliances are inventoried, which means both serial and internal inventory numbers are recorded, and configuration as well as condition are analyzed and described. Finally you receive a test report including all certificates of erasure, to provide you a perfect support in case of internal and external audits or revisions. Please find a sample report at the end of the page.

  • Data erasure according to international standards

The secure erasing of servers, PCs and notebooks is one of i4next‘s most important standard processes. In-house data and software are erased – if requested on-the-spot – by means of Blancco. The serial number of the data medium is recorded on the certificate of erasure. Damaged media are physically destroyed by a shredder. Please find a sample certificate of erasure at the end of the page.

  • Refurbishing

Prior to resale all used equipment is cleaned, checked and refurbished. Any signs and indications related to the previous owner are removed. Especially in case of an employee sale sets are standardized and – if required – provided with software.

  • Procurement of spare parts

We try to save every computer at all costs. Especially concerning server upgrades and networks, we dispose of a large stock of tested high-quality spare parts.

  • Sale on commission

Concerning equipment which is difficult to sale such as mainframes or large printing lines, i4next offers to process the sale within a determined time and financial limit. You get the proceeds, i4next a provision.

  • Employee sale

If requested, i4next buys your used equipment and sells it to your employees on favourite terms. The risk of warranty claims, additional tax burden and extra work is thus for you eliminated.

We gladly look forward to providing you with a non-binding quote for your individual requirements.