we take IT to a higher end

There is a life after withdrawal from service. At regular intervals, companies have to tackle the exchange of their IT while at the same time keep the expenses calculable. In our view, end-of-lifecycle management means an intelligent combination of ecology, economy and technology, which not only prevents you from time, money and effort losses, but our environment from massive damages.

Due to our extensive experience and know-how, we are able to offer a complete service package. This includes purchase of used equipment, inventory and refurbishing as well as the entire logistic processing.

However, an essential process step is the secure and verifiable data erasure according to international standards which we execute if requested on-the-spot in your company.

Around 50.000 old appliances return to the market every year. If a device cannot be sold, it ends up in professional waste disposal.

Efficiency and quality, economy and sustainability – for us not just compatible, but a perfect match.